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[OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE] Genshin Impact Hu Tao Impression Theme Mechanical Keyboard

[OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE] Genshin Impact Hu Tao Impression Theme Mechanical Keyboard

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Genshin Impact Official Merchandise

Hu Tao Impression Theme Mechanical Keyboard
  • Specification: 108-key, 87-key
  • Dimensions –
    • 108-key: 446 x 1141.5 x 38mm
    • 87-key: 364.8 x 141.5 x 38mm
  • Keycap: PBT
  • Keycap Craft: 5-sided sublimation
  • Frame: ABS
  • Feet: 2 levels
  • Backlit: adjustable RGB
  • Keyswitch: Kailh BOX White Switch, Kailh BOX Red Switch


About the Keyswitches

Kailh Box – White Keyswitch

  • Type: tactile
  • Characteristic: clicky sound, distinct bump
  • Recommended for: work

Kailh Box – Red Keyswitch

  • Type: linear
  • Characteristic: soft and smooth
  • Recommended for: gaming and work

More Features

  1. Adjustable RGB Backlit:

    • Enjoy the flexibility of customizable RGB backlighting.
  2. Hot-Swappable Keyswitches:

    • Easily switch out your keyboard switches without any hassle.
  3. High-Quality PBT Material:

    • Our keyboards are made with durable, soft, and touch-friendly PBT material.
  4. Convenient Cable Management:

    • Experience improved comfort with 3-way cable management channels and 2 adjustable feet levels.
  5. Space-Saving 87-Key Layout:

    • Optimize your desktop space with our compact 87-key layout.
  6. Unique Serial Number for Each Keyboard:

    • Every keyboard is assigned a distinctive serial number.
  7. Product Images for Reference:

    • Please note that all product pictures are for reference only. There may be slight differences between the displayed image and the actual product on your screen.
  8. Size Measurement Discrepancies:

    • Manual size measurements may contain errors of up to ±3mm. For accurate measurements, please refer to the actual product.


  • Avoid using alcohol to clean the UV-printed casing.
  • Our mechanical keyboards are not waterproof or dustproof.
  • Clean key caps with detergent after removing them from the keyboard. Ensure they are completely dry before reinstallation.
  • Use a brush to remove dust from the keyboard.
  • Protect the keyboard from prolonged exposure to strong sunlight and high heat.
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