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[OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE] Raiden Shogun Theme Impressions Series T-shirt

[OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE] Raiden Shogun Theme Impressions Series T-shirt

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Genshin Impact Official Merchandise
Raiden Shogun Theme Impressions Series T-shirt
Design: 4 options: Silhouette, White / Silhouette, Purple / Style, Black / Style, White
Texture: combed double yam cotton plain cloth
Fabric Composition: 100% cotton body

Sizes are taken from Flagship Store

Do allow for discrepancies in measurement (up to 3cm difference).

For the animated print design, the print will look different from different angles
- - - - - - - -
Product Care:

1. Please refer to the washing label before proceeding

2. For washing both sides, please separate when washing the darker side

3. No soaking of product

4. Recommended to be washed before wearing

5. As it contains prints, it's recommended to wash it inverted (With the prints inside) 

6. Do not apply high heat over printed areas 

7. Prints may wear off after several washes. Please be gentle when scrubbing/washing the prints

8. The product may be a little furry after washing

9. For the animated print, wash as per normal but do not rub it with force

<<Product care translated from the flagship store's infographics>>
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