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Official Figurines and Figures

Start your collection today and immerse yourself in the world of Teyvat.

Teyvat Goodies - Plush Toy

Indulge in the cuteness of Genshin Impact with our plushies, ranging from XL-sized Guoba or Morax dragon to tiny hangable companions that will join you on your adventures.

Dust of the World: A Chapter of Splendor Series

Experience the mystique of a bygone era with our Dust of the World: A Chapter of Splendor Series. Discover ornate designs and timeless sophistication at Genshin-Store.

Character PV Series

Explore the charm of your beloved Genshin Impact characters with our exclusive Character PV Series merchandise, enhancing your connection to their enchanting world.

Tartaglia’s Whale Monoceros Caeli Humidifier

Both a humidifier and an ambient light.

Anti-burn protection, two levels of spray adjustment.

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